MedTree Casestudy


MedTree is a multifaceted website, admin platform, and application designed to cater to the needs of health workers in Australia.

It serves as a comprehensive information hub, providing health news updates, extensive search functionalities, health alerts, job opportunities, events and training, health check calculators, a health market, peer-to-peer networking, and a platform for blogs and forums.

MedTree aims to empower health workers by providing them with a centralized resource for all their professional needs.

My Role






Product Designer

Website & App

Dec'20 - May '21



AU Health workers

Target Audience


Problem Statement 🚩

Health workers in Australia face challenges in accessing relevant and up-to-date information, job opportunities, and networking platforms specific to their field. Existing resources often lack integration and fail to provide a holistic experience.

The lack of a centralized platform makes it difficult for health workers to stay informed, connect with peers, and find professional opportunities. MedTree aims to address these challenges by providing a comprehensive solution tailored to the specific needs of health workers.

Design Thinking:

A non-linear process 🪄

When working on this project I adopted the design thinking process.
It is a human-centered, iterative & non-linear process that designers or anyone can use to tackle problems.

📕 For more information about design thinking, read this article by Interaction Design Foundation.

Research & Discovery 📝

To gain insights into the needs and pain points of health workers, extensive research was conducted through user interviews and questions. Some of them were like this.

Key Findings 🔎

Competitor Analysis 🎲

While there are existing platforms in the Australian healthcare industry, none of them provide the comprehensive range of features offered by MedTree as described in the prompt.

User Persona 👨🏻‍👩🏻‍👧🏻‍👦🏻

Based on the research findings, user personas were developed to represent the target audience of MedTree:

Persona 1 : Dr. Sarah Anderson

Empathy Map of Dr. Sarah Anderson

Persona 2 : Nurse Mike Clarke

Empathy Map of Nurse Mike Clarke

User Journey Map

Design Guide 🎨

This section includes, a design guide consist of Logos, Colors & Typography.

Wireframes & Prototype 🖇️

The section includes Wireframes, High-Fidelity visuals & Interactive prototypes for website, dashboard and mobile app.

User Interfaces 📱

** These are not full app UIs, but will give idea of end product.

Usability Testing 🛠️

For the MedTree project, we employed a combination of remote moderated usability testing and in-person usability testing. The usability testing sessions were conducted with a diverse group of healthcare professionals, including doctors and nurses, who matched the target user personas identified earlier.

Results & Insights 📊

During the usability testing sessions, we gathered valuable insights into the strengths and weaknesses of the MedTree platform. Here are some of the key findings: